The Story of Our Name:

Why Happy First Steps?

The questions that children ask are not coincidences, none of them. Children, wonder, ask questions and take their first steps towards life with the questions they ask. What do the questions they ask bring them? Joy, sadness, surprise, disappointment or nothing… Children don’t always need an answer! The important thing is to set out on a journey to learn, to discover possibilities that feed their curiosity with every step they take. These first steps that a growing mind takes with courage and some surprise are the building blocks of their future pursuit of happiness. We believe that; growing up by living, discovering and knowing yourself are the sources of happiness and there is room for every color of life.

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Our Educational Approach:

Reggio Emilia Approach

Respecting the child’s endless creative, intellectual and communicative potential, Mia Kindergartens adopt the Reggio Emilia approach. Reggio Emilia approach; advocates curiosity-based project works that arise from the child’s own dynamics, transform over time, and considers cultural differences. According to Piaget, “No mistake made by a child is coincidental.” All children who are given the opportunity to try, research and fail,learn through their mistakes. They develop themselves in areas where they are curious, ask questions; work on them and make projects. The aim in these projects is to pave the way for the child to research the subjects he is interested in with his own methods. This helps them to express themselves through unique artistic language, rather than creating a superior work. A school that adopts the Reggio Emilia approach does not have a fixed education/training program. The program is constantly changing and transforming under the leadership of the children.

Our Dream:

Inspired by Nature
An Urban School

The Reggio Emilia approach takes its name from a town in Italy. The studies started for a quality preschool education in a school established in the town of Reggio Emilia after the Second World War inspired the whole world with its extraordinary archive that records the creativity of the children in the school. The Reggio Emilia approach is never a fixed education/training program. It is shaped according to the needs of the time, place and environment it is in because it believes in the creative essence of all children of the world. Reggio Emilia approach; It is an inspiration that follows the footsteps of children who ask questions and research in the conditions in which they were born.

For a teacher inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach at Mia Kindergarten, the child is important, not a lesson or a skill! Our dream is for all children growing up with us to establish healthy bonds with the city they live in, to nurture their creativity with urban culture and to become aware of nature, which is so extraordinary that it will even be an inseparable part of the city. Therefore we are here to follow their footsteps in their growth journey, to pave the way for them to discover new horizons and to learn from them. Our aim is to interpret the Reggio Emilia experience according to the social and cultural conditions we find in it, and to continue to prepare our own unique learning programs under the leadership of children as an urban school inspired by nature.

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Our Education Staff:

Curious Educators

Board of Directors

  • Ali Koç
    Chairman of the Board - Founder
  • Arif Bilici
  • Hakan Barslan

Our Staff

  • Ilgın Çakmak
    MIA Emirgan School Principal
  • Duygu Tonguç
    Mia Ataşehir School Principal
  • Yasemin Anderman
    Mia Music Consultant