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Elective Courses

We enable our students to gain skills in different areas with our elective courses. Our students discover their different areas of interest and improve themselves in many areas with our elective courses in which we support the different interests and abilities of the children.

The children sing and dance in company with our Cuban instructor while in the meantime they are introduced to the Spanish language. They improve their sense of tempo and rhythm and learn the basic moves of salsa. They learn Spanish through songs, and dances and familiarize themselves with a different culture and music genre.

Kids Zumba is the kid-friendly version of the famous dance genre Zumba in which the choreography and moves were made appropriate for children. This course offers the children an activity in which they can jump, dance, blow off steam, and above all, have a lot of fun. Zumba Kids helps children to improve their coordination, condition, and confidence through activities that are appropriate to their age group. During those activities, the children learn about teamwork and improve their memories through repeated moves.

Our Pre-Ballet course offers a very fun and creative program in which the children can learn age-appropriate ballet techniques, rhythm, teamwork, self-discipline, and ballet etiquette. This course develops motor skills while encouraging creative thinking and a fun spirit of art. It also helps the children in discovering the different forms of art and music. With the Pre-Ballet course, our little dancers improve their coordination skills and flexibility and acquire a life-long love for dance.

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