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With our curriculum that uses the Total Physical Response method in accordance with the European Language Portfolio, our students learn English just like they learn Turkish, through hearing, speaking, and repeating. With our English learning program, which is provided in concordance with our curriculum in Turkish and supported by rich educational materials, our students internalize English and they start speaking it willingly.

Through this specific kind of education provided through games, songs, and interactive drama activities, the children are made aware of other languages and cultures. The children spend a considerable part of the day with our English teachers and they learn the language during daily life through games and having fun.

With our language learning program supported by the rich educational materials of Cambridge, Pearson, and Jollie Phonics and prepared by taking into consideration the age groups and their developmental characteristics and in harmony with our curriculum, children learn English during daily life by speaking it willingly. Our multidisciplinary English program is integrated with our curriculum in Turkish. In that way, children learn the English equivalents of words after they learn it in Turkish, and internalize them.

Our students learn English not only in class but during meals, in the garden, in the bathroom, so they learn the language by hearing, speaking, and repeating it, just like they learn Turkish. In literature, this method is named not as “foreign language learning” but as “second-language acquisition”. Our students learn English easily thanks to the effective methods we use, our strong curriculum, and the natural English-speaking environment we create.

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