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With KID-FIT, the only physical education program in the world that is designed for children between ages 2 and 5, your children improve their bodies while learning about it through basic anatomy knowledge. They learn about the gains of a healthy diet and exercise and become more willing and conscious about their physical development. Thanks to this program including activities like exercise, dance, gymnastics, music, rhythm, and stretching, your children internalize sports while learning about the body systems such as the heart, the lungs, the muscles, and the bones.

The students learn from the beginning that exercise is fun, a healthy diet helps them to have a happy body, and resting is imperative in growing up and getting stronger. The songs, activities, lessons, and supplementary content are updated every six weeks, so the children do not get bored with the program and always have fun.


Exercise: The fitness program that includes aerobic and power workouts enables children to move. They strengthen their heart, lungs, and muscles while learning that exercise is fun.

Dance: Several dances and movements that need coordination are taught to the students to improve their cardiovascular endurance. The children do real aerobic exercises necessary for burning fat and reducing future risks.

Gymnastics: The children learn to control their bodies and several movements with activities oriented at balance and strength. The activities are repeated until the skills are properly acquired. Each KID-FIT class offers balance and strength activities.

Sports: Several sports skills are acquired by the children throughout the school year. Preschool children are introduced to these activities through age-appropriate sports equipment and non-competitive games. The children are awarded for their attempts, and they get to know all kinds of sports equipment by using or handling them.

Anatomy:  KID-FIT teaches the existing systems and organs in the human body through simple and age-appropriate explanations. The children do not only learn what the heart, the lungs, or the brain looks like, but also what these organs do, why they are important, how to take care of them, and what hurts them.

Nutrition: The students are taught what various healthy foods are, how to make food choices, and why our body needs good nutrition. The children learn how to choose healthy foods in each KID-FIT session. One of the daily games is the recognition of the main food groups, especially fruits and vegetables.

Music and Rhythm: The children are taught how to follow a rhythm, are introduced to various musical instruments, and provided with early musical experiences.

Stretching and Relaxing: The children are taught the importance of preserving their flexibility and stretching their fast-developing muscles. The class ends with a relaxation activity with which the children learn to focus on their inner selves. This way, students learn how to cool down after a physically active lesson.


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