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Kindermusik is a music and movement program in English supporting all areas of development of children. This music program being used in over 70 countries around the world and enabling millions of children to create a bond with music helps children to learn and develop during the most important years of brain development.

Kindermusik activities are designed to activate many different parts of the brain, including many sensory areas. Children experience music of different genres, styles, and cultures, such as classical music or jazz.   They participate in vocal, rhythmic, and creative drama activities that improve much more than musical skills while interacting with their peers.

The children learn the basic musical concepts such as loud/silent, high/low, fast/slow while learning to play musical instruments appropriate for their ages, and distinguish musical symbols.

The lesson plans are prepared by using a tested and repeatable formula. Individual activities such as greeting, storytime, and instrument playing are strategically added to the plan for the maximum participation of the students.

Establishment of habits and routines encourages children to participate by making them feel more comfortable about the course of the day. In this process, social skills such as fine and gross motor skills, queuing, grouping, and creating emotional bonds are also developed. In the meantime, Kindermusik supports the development of mathematical, logical, communication, and cognitive skills.

Kindermusik supports the following areas of development:

Early Literacy: The children acquire the skills of vocalization, colloquial language, and comprehension, which form the basis of reading. They improve their communication skills through flexibly constructed routines.

Cognition: Improves skills of spatial reasoning and complex reasoning while accelerating brain development. It improves memory, as well as information acquisition, instruction following, and line following skills.

Social –  Emotional The children develop the social and emotional skills they will need in primary school. These skills include relationship-building, building self-esteem, classifying information, and contribution to the group.

Physical: The children develop their fine and gross motor skills through movement, dance, and playing a basic musical instrument.

Creativity: Activities that encourage independence in an intimate manner inspires children’s creativity. The students carry out art, music, dance, and instrumental activities they are individually in charge of.

Kindermusik !
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