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Meet the Masters

Meet the Masters is an art program that introduces the important artists of history, such as Picasso, Matisse, or Jackson Pollock, as well as their works and methods. Our students do not only meet these great artists but also develop their imagination by reinterpreting their artworks.

The great masters of art left us with a magnificent legacy. The education given to the children about these masterpieces widens their perspective and gains them an enduring love for art.

Meet the Masters accomplishes it in 3 steps…

Inspiration: The lives and famous works of the artists are taught via slide shows, games, and music. With multimedia content and interactive questions, the classroom becomes a virtual museum that mesmerizes the students.

Education: The children work on previously prepared working sheets appropriate to their level by mostly using colored pencils. With these activities, they learn colors from Monet, texture from van Gogh, and portrait from Leonardo da Vinci.

Project: The children start their art projects of the same style or topic with the master learned about. These projects are carried out in our equipped art room by using different materials such as crayons, water paint and bamboo brushes, and clay. The children discover their creativity and develop their skills while interpreting the works of the Masters.

Meet the Masters !
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