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Summer School

Our summer school program enriched with sports and cultural activities and the children are provided with an environment of quality education in which they can express their thoughts and ideas freely.

I’m Going Around the World with My Passport

There are many different cultures and countries in our world.  This summer, we will make our own passport and go on an imaginary trip around the world. In this trip, we will discover different countries, peoples, cultures, languages, and cuisines.  We will see how big the world is and raise our awareness of different cultures.

Safari Adventures

Our world is full of animals living in different geographies.  In this adventure, we will meet many different animals of different sizes living in different parts of the world and learn about them.  We will go on a discovery of the world with our animal-themed handbooks, stickers, and games.

Tale and Dream Workshops

Each child joining our tale workshops take their imaginations with them.  Firstly, everybody tells what kind of tale they are dreaming of. They decide the place and time of the tale. Then, each child starts to tell the tale in their imagination. The children imagine the tales as they tell them and become a part of their own stories.

Street Games and Water Games

Skip rope, dodge ball, hopscotch, water games.

Creative Art Workshops

Coloring, painting, and printing workshops.

Wood Workshops

Sculpture and Clay Workshops


Green Generation Workshops

Touching the soil, walking barefoot, feeling the wind, smelling the flowers, playing, and discovering. These are the most important learning tools used by children. That’s why we spend one day a week in our nature workshop.

Some workshops we organize:

Agriculture Workshop

Tenting Workshop

Archeology Workshop

Ant House Workshop

Compost Workshop


Riding course is loved by the children and it is very beneficial in terms of muscle and motor skills.  In our riding classes, which are carried out in the supervision of professional trainers and by taking strict security measures, our students also learn about animal love.

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