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The communication between the kindergarten and the parents is a critical elements for the children’s emotional, academic and social development. Transparency is a key component of our education philosophy therefore the parents can visit our locations during the education hours and can observe the classes live through video.

MIA Communication App

We use MIA Communication App for daily communication. Using this app, the parents can be informed about how their child is feeling, as well as the health condition, nutritional status, and sleep status in the form of a daily report.

The parents can view the menus and activities of the month. They can also communicate with the teacher of their child via instant messages at specified times. Our teachers post photos from the activities of the children on a daily basis. The parents whose children use the shuttle service can watch the location of the shuttle on the map in real-time.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

We start the school year with an orientation meeting to inform the parents. In these meetings, the parents meet the teachers and are provided with detailed information about the schedule and the activities of the school. A parent-teacher meeting is held at the end of both semesters, twice in total in a school year.  Apart from these meetings, the parents can schedule meetings with the advisor teacher or their child’s own teacher.

Meetings of Guidance and Psychological Counseling

In these meetings, the psychological counselor shares the children’s emotional, psychological, and social developments with their respective parents. The parents can schedule a meeting with the psychological counselor of their child when they feel it to be necessary.


The bulletins are journals consisting of articles and photos in which information about the educational and cultural activities carried out at school is given. The products of children, the field trips made, and the activities carried out during the class are presented in this bulletin.

Best regards to all teachers around the world who strive to provide quality education to their students despite the extraordinary circumstances.

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