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Health at MIA

While we maintain a healthy learning environment for our students through effective procedures of hygiene and health, we also prepare the children for a healthy future. At MIA Kindergarten, by using games, songs, and activities that are a part of our curriculum, we tell our students about the importance of having a healthy diet, doing exercises, resting well, and abiding by the rules of general hygiene.

Preventive Health Care

In our school, periodic medical screenings are performed as a part of preventive health care services.


Eyes: The eye examinations of our students are done every six months by our partner Dünya Göz Hospitals.

Teeth: The dental examinations of our students are done every six months by our partner Medicadent Dental Clinic.

First Aid

All teachers at our school have first aid certificates.


Since the cleaning in our school is done by using steam cleaners,  microorganisms such as akari and mite that may cause allergic reactions are effectively destroyed. In addition, all carpets in our school are made of anti-allergic material.

If a child is allergic to a specific type of food, we inform the classroom teacher about the allergy, and by hanging warning signs on the table of the allergic child, we ensure that the student does not eat that food during meals.


All members of our staff have first aid certificates.

In cases of school accidents and acute emergencies, if needed and with the permission of the parents, the medical attention is provided by the medical team of Acıbadem Mobile Health Services and the child is taken to the hospital if needed.


The mattresses in the sleeping rooms are orthopedic spring mattresses. The chairs in the classrooms are also orthopedic.  Our sleeping rooms and classrooms are being effectively ventilated.  In order to maintain the air quality in the sleeping room, air cleaners with HEPA filters are used.

Toys and Paints

All toys and paints used in MIA Kindergarten are compatible with the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) and relevant regulations of the European Union.

Diseases and Medications

If a child is ill or does not feel good upon arrival at the school, the parents will be asked to take their child back home. If a child is feeling well enough to stay, but the condition is deteriorating throughout the day, the child in question is kept under constant check and the parents are continuously kept updated on the condition of their children.

The medications of the children are given according to the information on the medication forms and the instructions of the parents given through the MIA communication app. This procedure is strictly applied in order not to give the children the wrong doses of medication.


All teachers in our school possess the necessary information on the procedures of basic hygiene applications such as hand washing, general infection control, and eating rules, as well as diaper changing and toilet training. These procedures are printed out and hung on the wall or the board in every classroom. All these procedures are a part of our curriculum and taught to our students in a systematic manner.

Our school is disinfected against microbes, viruses, fungi, and mite on a daily basis by using Kärcher branded industrial steam vacuum cleaners.

All our classrooms contain air cleaners with HEPA filters, which kill the viruses, microbes, fungi, and mite in the air.

There are hand sanitizing stations available for the use of teachers and parents in classrooms and common spaces.

The surfaces of the frequently used objects such as door handles and railings are disinfected by using ActionAid sprays.

In seasons when illnesses become widespread, the temperatures of all children are taken upon arrival to the school.

Our schools are disinfected on a monthly basis by using Huwa-San, an ecological disinfectant.

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