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Hygiene is one of the top priorities of MIA Kindergarten. We teach our children personal hygiene habits which they will use for the rest of their lives. Hygiene is one of the important components of our curriculum, and we teach the importance of hand washing, teeth brushing, and personal care to children with songs, games, and activities.

Our Hygiene Standards

Our cleaning crew works systematically within a specified cleaning plan, by filling out the forms in their areas of responsibility. Our school is periodically cleaned in accordance with the cleaning plan and when an urgent need arises, and this system is overseen by reviewing the forms. While the toilets are cleaned with commercial cleaning products, natural cleaning products are used in general cleaning.


Steam Cleaning

We disinfect our school by using Kärcher branded industrial steam vacuum cleaners.

The high-temperature steam is 100% effective against microorganisms such as viruses, fungi, acari that cause allergic reactions, and mites.

Steam cleaning:

*Kills all microbes in the area it is applied thanks to high temperature and pressure.

*Leaves no traces on surfaces.

*Performs sanitation during cleaning.

These machines, which can perform effectively on all surfaces, serve as a very strong disinfectant and enable us to disinfect the toilets, the classrooms, and the shared spaces.

Organic Cleaning - UGreen

In wipe cleaning, we use 100% organic Ugreen products. These natural products, which do not leave residues of chemicals such as chlorine, sles, and paraben found in many chemical cleaning products, are very effective and provide a more healthy environment.

Quality of Air and Water

In our school, the classrooms, shared spaces, and the dining hall is ventilated on a daily basis.  The air quality is constantly checked, and the air cleaners with HEPA filters run continuously in order to clean the air. LG branded water filters are used in our school. In order to assure that the water quality is at the desired level, we periodically have our water tested in accredited laboratories.

Hygiene !
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