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Security is a key priority for MIA Kindergartens. We are periodically audited by City Group Security which is the leading school security consulting firm of Turkey.

Classrooms, Playing Fields, and Common Areas

All furniture in our schools is specifically produced for children. The furniture is anchored to their places, have installed corner protectors, and their legs are made of wood. Our school and classrooms are designed in a way that enables our teachers to visually and audibly supervise all children easily. All doors and cabinets are equipped with stoppers to prevent jamming, all outlets have safety locks, all corners that may pose a risk are covered, and there are safety nets behind all windows. Our high-quality playing fields are systematically inspected. For cases of falling, there are safe falling spaces covered with soft surfaces. The children go around the school only in the company of a teacher. Our playgrounds are compliant with Playground EN 1176  and playing ground standards laid down by the European Union.

Our Team

All teachers and staff have received training on the first aid of children, and are certified.


Our buildings are constructed in accordance with the most recent earthquake regulations. There are durability and earthquake resistance reports that prove the durability of our buildings. All areas of our school, as well as the playground, are under surveillance with a total of 26 CCTV cameras. All rooms in our school are equipped with smoke detectors. Emergency plans have been prepared, and a drill in the form of a game takes place every three months.


Our shuttle drivers, who have been working with us for a long time, have undergone psychotechnic and eye health tests, and their criminal record checks have been made. In shuttles, our students are accompanied by hostesses who have been working with us for a long time. Each child sits in one seat and fastens the seatbelt. The speed and the location of our shuttles can be seen in real-time by using the application we developed for the parents.

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