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Mia Ataşehir

Dear Parents,

Our building is located in a central location in Küçükbakkalköy, Ataşehir, but away from the rumble and mayhem of the city.  At our MIA Ataşehir campus, we provide up to 15 hours of English education to our children aged 2-5, depending on their age group.

Our building, which is designed as a kindergarten building, is constructed in 2014 in accordance with the most recent earthquake regulations and is certified with an earthquake resistance report.  Our interior architects worked with our pedagogical counselors in order to create the best, most secure environment that fits the interests and likings of our students. Our school has floor heating, all classrooms are spacious and they receive a lot of sunlight.  Our natural 300 m2 garden is designed to enable our students to play games and have fun safely.  In our garden is quality equipment by which children can develop their cognitive and motor skills while playing games.

Ataşehir MIA is protected by City Group Security to ensure the safety of our students. There are smoke detectors on every floor of the building, and all classrooms have fire exits. Earthquake and fire emergency plans have been prepared, and a drill in the form of a game takes place periodically.

In a period when children complete most of their physical, mental, and emotional development, we touch the lives of children, enabling them to reach their true potential. We always see them as a part of our family: we provide them with a learning environment where they feel they belong, maintain positive relationships, and develop their imagination.
The holistic approach that supports the children’s physical, cognitive, and moral capacities is the most important part of both our curriculum and our educational philosophy.

The first steps your children will take without your help are as much valuable for us as they are valuable for you. Therefore, at Emirgan MIA, we work to enable your children to reach their potentials and develop their skills with our thorough curriculum in a happy environment.

We know that happy a child is the one who can make their own decisions and reach their potentials.

The first steps they take towards life in a free environment will prepare them for a happy future.

Our most sincere regards,

MIA Kindergartens

Mia Ataşehir !
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