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As MIA Kindergartens, we have been educating children in safe and loving environments since 2012. 

In a period when children complete most of their physical, mental, and emotional development, in partnership with the parents, we touch the lives of hundreds of children, enabling them to reach their true potential.

Kindergarten teachers and staff want to form a strong partnership with families to ensure the best possible experience for children. Our teachers provide daily communication to families and seek to understand any unique needs.

We have always seen children as a part of our family: we have provided them with a learning environment where they feel they belong, maintain positive relationships, and develop their imagination.

To help children in the development of their own will, we have allowed them to make their own decisions and created the appropriate environments to enable them to think and achieve on their own.

This holistic approach that supported the children’s physical, cognitive, and moral capacities has become the most important part of both our curriculum and our educational philosophy.

As it always has been, our students will be the center of our attention, and we will continue to raise confident, independent, creative, communicative, and happy children.

This is MIA

This is where your children will take their first steps towards a happy future

This is where your children are prepared for the future that awaits.

This is where your children learn to make their own decisions, discovering their potential with their choices

The first steps your children will take without your help are as much valuable for us as they are valuable for you. Therefore, at MIA, we work to enable your children to reach their potentials and develop their skills with our thorough curriculum in a happy environment.

We know that happy a child is the one who can make their own decisions and reach their potentials.

The first steps they take towards life in a free environment will prepare them for a happy future.

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