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Which age groups can register for your kindergarten?
Children 2,3,4 and 5 years old can register at our school.
How do you admit students to your kindergarten?
Acceptance to our kindergarten is within the quota announced every year; according to request order and school psychologist's interview. The guidance interview takes place by appointment as a result of the parents' decision to register in school.
What are the education times and working duration of your kindergarten?
Our kindergarten is open for 12 months of the year except public holidays. Our kindergarten provides education between 09:00 and 17:00. However, sentry classes are applied for working parents until 07:00 in the morning and 19:00 in the evening.
What are your criteria for creating classes?
Classes are created taking into account the dates of birth and the balance of girls and boys.
Which schools do the teachers graduate from?
Our teachers are graduate of bachelor's degree and associate degree. Besides, experienced teachers who graduated from Girls Vocational High School works in our school.
How are preparations for elemantary school carried out? Is reading and writing tauoght?
Reading and writing are not taught in our kindergarten, our priority is to provide our children with the skills required by their age in every developmental area (Cognitive, social-emotional, language, physical, self-care), and line, sound, attention, pattern, visual reading, etc. providing a rapid transition to reading and writing with a program in which studies are given intensely. In addition to these kinds of studies, in order to gain the skills that children will use during their entire education life; development of problem-solving skills, self-expression, long-term attention, getting and applying instructions, finishing a job that he started, taking responsibility for his belongings, fulfilling self-care needs, etc. An integrated program is implemented in the fields. As of November of the academic year, with the "FIRST STEP TO FIRST SCHOOL" Program, our children continue their “Preparation for Reading and Writing” studies with primary school classroom teachers. With this application, the adaptation of children to primary school is made easier and their enthusiasm for learning is increased.
Is there a school shuttle?
Our school has a shuttle service for a wide area.
What kind of procedure is done in the school when the student become sick?
We do not accept student when he become sick to protect the health of all children in our school.
What precautions and practices are done in minor accidents that may occur at school?
Our teachers can intervene in minor accidents because they have received first aid training. In more serious cases, we refer to the hospital very quickly within the framework of our agreement with Acıbadem Mobil.
Can sick children bring his medicine to the institution?
Yes they can bring their medicine. These drugs are given to children under the control of their teachers.
Is the parent notified in cases of illness and accident?
In such cases, parents are informed immediately.
Our child will start school for the first time and we have concerns about the adaptation process. What if he can not get used to it?
Regardless of the age of the child, the adaptation process is affected by the child's individual characteristics, parental attitude, and environmental conditions. For this reason, the application and psychology forms that we want to be filled in by the family during registration are important for our psychologist. In addition to this, our school psychologist explains to the families about the adaptation process by observing the child and meeting the family face to face in the first days. As MİA, we definitely demand that the child come to school with one of the family and return together for the first 3-5 days. The child can do what he wishes in the first days, we exempt him from all kinds of school rules. During this process, 1 of our teachers only deals with the child in the orientation process. Here we aim to get used to our school, friends and teachers without worry. This process is really useful.The child can thus express himself comfortably and his confidence in our school increases. In this way, we create a positive and smooth transition period for both the child and the family.
Do children go out every day?
Playgrounds in our schools are considered as continuation of the classrooms. Apart from running, jumping and climbing, our teachers and administration also organize trips outside, including nature trips, picnics and other learning, viewing, viewing and recognition opportunities. As the weather permits, our children go outdoors every day.
Can I visit my child during the day?
Of course! You can visit us anytime. Mealtime, game time, lesson time, i.e. always!
How long do the children sleep in your school? Which age groups are sleeping?
2 and 3 ages children sleep 1-1: 30 hours a day according to their needs. But sleep is not mandatory.
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